Mascara Liner


The Ultra Black, Water Resistant, Dual Mascara Liner, is designed for convenience. It’s all you need for eye definition.

Ultra Black Two in One Water Resistant Volumising Long Lasting


How to Apply Mascara:

Step 1

Place the mascara wand at the base of your lashes.

Step 2

Apply in horizontal and vertical motions to upper and lower lashes.

Step 3

Repeat until the desired volume and length are achieved.

How to Apply Liner:

Step 1

Place the tip of the liner at the base of your lash line.

Step 2

Draw a line following the shape of your eye.

Step 3

Create classic or graphic lines to achieve the desired effect.


The ZERO Mascara Liner is a unique 2-in-1 product designed to enhance both your eyelashes and eyelids with precision and ease.

It is water resistant

Absolutely! The liner is designed for precision, allowing for both simple and more intricate eyeliner styles, including a winged look

Safely remove by using an anti-irritant, dermatologically approved makeup remover.

The ZERO Mascara Liner is designed for long-lasting wear, staying put from morning till night.

Start with clean and dry eyelashes, apply the mascara from the base to the tips, and use the liner side for precise eyelid definition.

Yes, the mascara is versatile and can be gently applied to both upper and lower lashes for a complete look.

For a clump-free application, ensure you wipe off excess product from the wand.

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